Kickstart Your UI Design Career [eBook]

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Go from Zero to getting your first clients as a UI designer.

The secrets of designing stunning interfaces, evolving as a designer, and getting your first clients — all in this single eBook.

“I want to become a UI designer, but I don’t know where to start.”

Sounds familiar?

Just like any other field, UI design can also feel pretty intimidating. You are stressing over not knowing why your design feels “not right”. Apart from that, you’re trying to find your first clients, but you can’t, and even if you find some, they significantly underpay you.

It is a bad situation to be in. But I can completely understand you.

It is easy to get confused by specific design elements, like grid structures and different types of buttons. 

It can be pretty unclear what font sizes to use at certain device widths or how big your buttons should be under your forms.

Or you might already know something about design but feel completely stuck, not knowing how to evolve and improve.

Where do you find your clients?

How do you build a portfolio when you don’t even have clients?

How do you get paid $10,000 even if you’re from a country where this seems unreal?


Questions are just floating in your head.

I know. I’ve been there.

UI design was a bit too much for me

When I first started learning UI design, I just felt like there were so many things. I was completely overwhelmed.

You might be in the same situation right now.

Watching tons of YouTube videos…

Reading Twitter threads…

Following multiple Instagram accounts to learn…

Looking for answers on Google…

Adding hundreds of books to your reading list…

And at the end of the day, when you have 216 browser tabs open and more books on your list than you can possibly read, you feel even worse than before you started your research.

This learning method might work for someone, but let’s admit:

It’s SUPER time-consuming

You’ll get different answers from different places

There’s no structure in how you learn

The time has come to kickstart your UI design career.

Let me tell you:

If your goal is to create stunning interfaces that will attract your future clients and be a confident designer who is constantly improving and evolving…

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. How to create compositions and color palettes
  2. How to craft intuitive interfaces
  3. How to evolve and improve yourself once you know the basics
  4. How to make a perfect portfolio that will land your dream job or clients

Just imagine how it would feel being a pro in UI design:

You know the basics of design

You’re aware of the steps you should take to keep evolving

Other professional designers acknowledge you

You’re getting more clients than you can possibly handle

You’re getting paid $10,000 or more for each project even if you’re living in a low purchasing power country

Being a great UI designer will help you to:

Make a living off of what you love doing

Work from anywhere

Start your own design agency

Increase your prices and charge more than ever before

Land your dream job (if that’s your goal)

The question is:

How can you go from zero to getting your first clients without the hassle of learning from dozens of different sources?

Introducing “Kickstart Your UI Design Career”

This eBook will be your best friend after the point you open it.

I noticed that most sources for learning UI design could be pretty complicated and hard to understand for beginners who want to start their journey.

That’s why I wrote “Kickstart Your UI Design Career” — to help you become a professional designer. This concise, well-structured eBook focuses only on the most crucial things so that you can understand everything clearly, even if you’re a complete beginner.

“Kickstart Your UI Design Career” is not just an eBook. I like to call it a “knowledge base” to which you can always return when needed. 

Easy-to-understand explanations

Illustrations to help you consume the information

Tips & tricks that make your design stand out

Key steps you should take to improve once you know the basics

Practices that allow you to make outstanding portfolios even if you don’t have any clients yet

Tactics for getting your first high-paying clients (from abroad)

What will you see in the book?

This eBook has 4 main parts, covering everything from the fundamentals to getting your first clients.

Basics of Design

You’ll learn about:

Color Theory

Color Palette Creation

Composition Techniques


Principles of UI Design

You’ll learn about:

Girds & Layout







Bulletproof tactics to make your designs look fantastic

Start Creating

You’ll learn about:

Why is it important to practice more than you learn

Steps you need to take to evolve as a designer

My exact method of improving my designs skills

The Art of Getting Clients

You’ll learn about:

How to use social media strategically

Tips on how to grow your audience

How to build a portfolio without clients

Tips & tricks for creating case studies

Getting clients that pay you $10,000 even if you’re from a low purchasing power country, like India

It is not all!

I also prepared 3 bonuses for you to make sure you absolutely have everything you need to kickstart your UI journey.

Ultimate Design Resources Collection (Included ✓)

A collection of more than 60+ design resources in 9 different categories. Just the ones that you need, all in one compact database. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best Figma Tutorials (Included ✓)

I made a curation of the most valuable tutorials about Figma. This will help you to master your design tool. The tutorials vary in 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

20% OFF Coupon for Jitter (Included ✓)

I partnered with Jitter, and we are giving a coupon code to every single person purchasing this eBook. Jitter is the most straightforward motion design tool that will take your UI designs to the next level.


Let’s take a look at what others have said about his eBook.

“Your eBook is just amazing it was like you knew very well what beginner’s face and you answered all the questions which comes in the mind while starting a career in UI.”

— Ankit

“A comprehensive guide to Ul design, from first principles to all the details that will make an interface stand out. Highly recommended”

— Sébastien Robaszkiewicz, Co-Founder & CEO of


“The sample was just awesome. It goes beyond any online course, and its simplicity keeps the reader attracted.”

— Mahesh

“Nandi’s book is an awesome guide to the overall UX and Ul design terminology. I love the way how the problems are explained visually on practical examples with all context, which is really important in the design industry. Great fit for designers of all levels!”

— Jan Mráz, UI/UX Designer with more than 120,000+ followers

Now, you have two options:

Option #1:

Keep doing what you’ve been doing and be frustrated with your results.

Option #2:

Get your copy of “Kickstart Your UI Design Career”, and let me help you build up the knowledge that you need to succeed in the world of UI design.

About the author, Nándor Muzsik

Hi, a soon-to-be pro UI designer!

I am a 19-year-old designer. I’ve always been interested in creating stuff, whether it is music, programming, business, or design.

I’ve been primarily working on my personal projects over the last couple of years since this is what I love the most.

I started Designill to help designers, and I’ve been sharing tips for over a year.

After getting tons of messages from beginner designers, I could clearly see those specific points they struggle with.

So, I decided to put together an eBook covering each of those points. I know this would’ve been a massive help for me when I was starting out.

This eBook is for you if:

You don’t want to settle for average

You’re happy to invest in knowledge

You’re not afraid to take action

You’re ready to become a successful designer

This eBook is NOT for you if:

You never take the first step

You’re comfortable with your current career path even though you don’t enjoy it

You’re stuck on a beginners level because you’re too lazy to take action

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I exactly get?

To sum everything up: you’ll get the full eBook that takes you from Zero to getting your first clients, and you’ll also get 3 bonuses. A design resources collection, a best Figma tutorials collection, and a 20% OFF coupon code for Jitter. In other words, everything that you need to kickstart your UI journey.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, this is suitable for beginners. Whether you are working in another industry and want to transition to UI design or feel like you could do your current job better if you had some UI skills, this is for you.

But let me also share a portion of someone’s feedback with you: “…it was like you knew very well what beginner’s face and you answered all the questions which comes in the mind while starting a career in UI.”

What if I have a few years of experience? Can this still be helpful?

Yes. Especially if you feel like you are stuck and you don’t have a clear vision. This book will help you revisit the basics to ensure you’ll fully understand them and then evolve and get your first clients—or if you already have some—get more.

What format are the files?

The book is PDF, and the bonuses are in Notion (you’ll get a link for it). All content is super easy to manage, and you can open them on your phone, tablet, or computer.

What if I decide it’s not for me.

No problem at all! The purchase is 100% risk-free. If you are not satisfied, send me a message within 30 days, and I am happy to refund you in full, no questions asked.

Still, have questions? Feel free to send me a direct message in Instagram, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Kickstart Your UI Design Career [eBook]

36 ratings
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